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May 24, 2010


All marketing techniques have the potential to be very effective. It's a matter of getting the right people to see your advertisement and to entice them to act upon your offer. Direct marketing, and now these new mobile and social marketing mediums, require that you have a well-researched mailing list. This way you have a higher percentage chance of getting more responses from you efforts. Check out their great services here, http://www.usdatacorporation.com.

I still believe direct marketing with mailing lists will continue to outperform social media and mobile marketing. There was a huge hype with email marketing for prospecting in the beginning of 2000 and today direct mail marketing still continues to outperform email marketing. That is for prospecting new clients of course. Social media, mobile marketing and email marketing I believe are a more cost effective when promoting a new service or product to an existing client. For accurate mailing lists check out, http://www.marketing-lists-direct.com

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