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March 18, 2009


Very cool! You guys refuse to rest on your laurels.

Like Scott said, it looks like you are interested in making improvements that us end users will appreciate. Thanks for posting Chris.

Jim Gilbert

Jim and Scott -

Thank you. You both know we can never sit still for long. These gnarly projects are a lot of fun for us.

- Joe

good stuff...

Jeremy Brooks

On the right track but your UI/UX is looking very heavy and not very friendly to screen real estate. I have seen two other solutions like this in the past three months and I would have to say your solution is lacking.


Thanks for the critique. This demo was beta software and we will soon release the final product. The UI was the last thing we worked on because the back end web services was the critical part here.

There are plenty of nice counts systems out there. However, NextMark Selects is the only system that integrates data cards with the back end data. It is intented to complement (not compete with) existing counts systems.

Plus, NextMark Select is not just a counts system. It has full-fledged workflow, controls, and audit trails built in that enable requests and responses to flow from party to party with the proper approvals.

I hope that makes sense. You'll see it for real shortly. We'll be demonstrating live at DM Days later this month.

- Joe

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